WiQo Firming Anti-Drying Body Cream

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WiQo Firming Anti-Drying Body Cream has both a stimulating action and a nourishing, protective action, thus providing a complete treatment for the specific needs of the body, reducing dryness and improving the firmness of the top layer of the skin.

Formulated with an optimal percentage of glycolic acid at low pH to promote a progressive improvement in skin elasticity and hydration. The plant extracts contained in WiQo Firming Anti-Drying Body Cream provide essential amino acids, vitamins A, B, to help restore skin elasticity and firmness.

A valuable ally in the fight against the appearance of stretch marks, this product leaves a long-lasting soft and velvety feeling and improves elasticity and firmness of the top layer the skin after only 4 weeks of use.

Skin laxity, dryness and stretch marks.

Apply WiQo Firming Anti-Drying Body Cream once a day, morning or evening. Apply twice a day to areas of thick skin. Follow with Sun Protection in the morning.

A light tingling sensation that lasts a few moments after application is normal in the first periods of application. Do not apply to damaged, red or inflamed skin, in the folds of the body or to the face. Discontinue use if redness persists or worsens. Avoid contact with eyes and mucosa. In case of contact, rinse with water.

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